Maintaining your Certification

Note: The CARS credential sunset on June 30, 2021. Those who are currently in the application/testing process have until 6/30/2022 to complete the process. All CARS professionals currently certified must still maintain your certificate. The CARS credential is still recognized in Administrative Code 2060.309.

Certified Assessment/Referral Specialist (CARS)

Co-Occurring Disorder Professional (CODP I/II)

Problem Gambling Credential (PCGC)

Criminal Justice Professional (CCJP)

Associate Addictions Professional (CAAP)

Recovery Support Specialist (CRSS)

CRSS-Employment Endorsement (CRSS-E)

Medication Assisted Addiction Treatment Professional (MAATP)

Registered Dual Disorder Professional (RDDP)

Family Partnership Professional (CFPP)

Adolescent Treatment Endorsement (ATE)

Women's Competent Endorsement (GCE)

Veterans Support Specialist (CVSS)