Maintaining your Certification

Note: The CARS credential sunset on June 30, 2021. Those who are currently in the application/testing process have until 6/30/2022 to complete the process. All CARS professionals currently certified must still maintain your certificate. The CARS credential is still recognized in Administrative Code 2060.309.

Certified Assessment/Referral Specialist (CARS)

Co-Occurring Disorder Professional (CODP I/II)

Problem Gambling Credential (PCGC)

Criminal Justice Professional (CCJP)

Associate Addictions Professional (CAAP)

Recovery Support Specialist (CRSS)

CRSS-Employment Endorsement (CRSS-E)

Medication Assisted Addiction Treatment Professional (MAATP)

Registered Dual Disorder Professional (RDDP)

National Certified Recovery Specialist (NCRS)

Family Partnership Professional (CFPP)

Adolescent Treatment Endorsement (ATE)

Women's Competent Endorsement (GCE)

Veterans Support Specialist (CVSS)