Conference Handouts

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Monday KeynoteIDOC Transforming from the Inside Out

Workshop A - Substance Use Disorder Clients and the Secrets They Hide

Workshop BWomen and Substance Use: Providing Gender-Responsive Practices in Treatment Settings
Values ID Activity

Monday Evening Workshop - Evidence-Based Complimentary Modalities of Treatment

Tuesday Keynote - Paws for Patrick

Workshop C Panel Regarding Initiatives for Justice Involved Individuals at the State and National Levels 


Workshop D - Navigating Shame Culture

Workshop E - Combat Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress, Post-Traumatic Growth, Traumatic Brain Injury and Moral Injury in Veterans

Tuesday Evening Workshop - Untenable Beliefs, Incredulous Change

Workshop 1 - Leadership 2023: Heroic Recovery - Embracing Your Client's Diversity (A Training of Leaders Presentation)

Giselle Hernandez-Navarro - Shared Equity Leadership and Antiracism
Pam Woll - Making It Safe
Personal Agreement
Healing History Series
Behavioral Health Equity
Nina Henry - Building Culturally Responsive Treatment Services
Unbiased Treatment Planning Exercise

Workshop 2Peer Professionals and their Role in the Recovery/Wellness Continuum
SAMHSA Peer Worker Core Competencies
What Is Peer Support
Value of a Peer
Peers Supporting Recovery from Substance Use Disorders
Peers Supporting Recovery from Mental Health Conditions
PRC in ED info sheet
Peers in ED Brief
Replication of ED-based Intervention

Workshop 3 - Working With You, Makes Me Blue

Workshop 4What To Do When Your Client Says They're Hearing Voices? An Integrated Treatment Approach for Co-Occurring Psychosis and Substance Use Disorders

Workshop 5 - The Effectiveness of the Intact Family Recovery Model in Child Welfare

Workshop 6 - Ethical Considerations

Workshop 7 - A Wilderness Survival Guide to the Field of Addictions

Workshop 8 - Specialized Substance Use Disorders Treatment for Adolescents and Emerging Adults

Workshop 9 - Raising Awareness of Disordered Gambling: We All Have a Role to Play

Workshop 10 - ICB Credentials

Workshop 11 - Tools and Skills for Effective Clinical Supervision

Workshop 12 - Leveraging Peer Services: Building Recovery Centers and Peer Development

Friday Keynote - NIDA Research to Address Addiction Treatment Challenges: Interventions, Implementation and Collaboration

Workshop 13 - Innovative Treatment and Recovery Services: SUPR/IDHS Programs and Initiatives